The ICSGTEIS 2014 is technically sponsored by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Indonesia Section. All submitted papers will be selected through blind peer reviewing process. Accepted and presented papers will be selected for submission to the IEEE Xplore® digital library or TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) Journal indexed by SCOPUS.

All paper submitted to the IEEE Xplore® digital library will be further reviewed by the IEEE. The conference organizer does not guarantee the acceptance for publication in the IEEE Xplore® digital library. Similar conditions also apply for submission to the TELKOMNIKA Journal.

The conference publications will use the following indices

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Xplorer Compliant CFP14ZBD-ART 978-1-4799-6127-6
CD-ROM CFP14ZBD-CDR 978-1-4799-6125-2
PRINT CFP14ZBD-PRT 978-1-4799-6126-9


Accepted Papers

No. ID Title – Author
1. 12
Design of Snubber Circuit and PI Control to Achieve Load Independent Output Voltage in Micro Smart Home System
Didi Istardi, Andy Triwinarko
2. 13
Economic Cost Study of Photovoltaic Solar System for Hotel in Nusa Lembongan
IAD Giriantari, INS Kumara, DA. Santiari
3. 14
Elimination of Sympathetic Inrush Currents in Transformers Connected in Parallel
Kartik P Basu, Naeem M Hanoon
4. 15
Uncertainty Analysis of Polychromatic Determination of Photovoltaic Device’s Spectral Response
Ira Devi Sara, T.R. Betts
5. 18
Investigation and Modelling of Sympathetic Inrush Due to Transformer Energization
H. Abdull Halim, B.T. Phung, J. Fletcher
6. 19
Load Flow and Suplly Security Analysis of Power System in Tiga Nusa Before and After the Application of 20kV Submarine Cable
IW. Sukerayasa, IAD. Giriantari, YMA. Prawira
7. 20
The Design Of Web Based Academic Information System in Universitas Sains dan Teknologi Jayapura
Marla S.S Pieter, M.Cs, Evanita V Manullang, MT
8. 21
Implementation Dedicated Sensing Receiver (DSR) in 3G – WiFi Offload
Setiyo Budiyanto, Muhammad Asvial, Dadang Gunawan
9. 22
Website Content Management Analysis of E- Government in Bali Province According to The Ministry of Communications and Information Guide (KOMINFO)
Gerson Feoh, Linawati, Ni Made Ary Esta Dewi Wirastuti
10. 23
Server Log Monitoring Based on Running Services
Dandy Pramana Hostiadi, Made Sudarma
11. 31
Performance Analysis of Packet Scheduling Algorithm for Video Service in Downlink LTE
Ida Nurcahyani, I Wayan Mustika, Selo
12. 37
Customized Rotator for Antenna Pointer using DC Motor with ATMega3535 Microcontroller
Agus D. Prasetyo, Heroe Wijanto, Budi Syihabuddin
13. 38
Development of High Power Stack for Offshore Wind Power Generation
Jin-Hong Kim, Joon Sung Park, Chung-Yuen Won
14. 40
Comparison of Two Different Tissues for Needle Force Insertion Modeling: Ex-Vivo Tissue and Phantom Tissue
Muhammad Salehuddin, Suprijanto, Augie Widyotriatmo
15. 41
A Study on Power Generation from Sea Waves by Using Linear Generator
Joon Sung Park, Jun-Hyuk Choi, Jin-Hong Kim, Byong Jo Hyon, Gyung-Sun Ham
16. 42
Visualization of Indonesian Translation of Quran Index
Suwanto Raharjo, Khabib Mustofa
17. 43
A Review : Identification of Avian Influenza Environmental Risk
Factor using Remote Sensing Image and GIS
M. A. Padmasari, Linawati, NMAED Wirastuti
18. 44
Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Multiple One Way Gearswave Energy Converter to Generate Electricity
Masjono, Salama Manjang, Zahir Zainuddin, Arsyad Taha
19. 35
Study on Feasible Solution of Power Control in Cognitive
Radio Networks
Norma Amalia, I Wayan Mustika, Selo Sulistyo
20. 61
Comparison between RC Detector and High Frequency Current Transformer in
Measuring Partial Discharge in Liquid Insulation
Suwarno, Aulia
21. 63
Modeling and Detection of High Impedance Faults
Huwei Wu, B.T. Phung, Daming Zhang, Jichao Chen
22. 75
Effect of the Distance of Partial Discharge Sensor to Partial Discharge Source on the Attenuation of Partial Discharge induced Electromagnetic Wave in Gas Insulated Switchgear
Umar Khayam, Zahrina Hafizhah
23. 77
New Designed Bowtie Antenna with Middle Sliced Modification as UHF Sensor for Partial Discharge Measurement
Asep Andi Suryandi, Umar Khayam
24. 78
Demand and Thermal Aware Approach for Greener IaaS-Cloud Data-centers
Nazi Tabatabaei Yazdi, Chan Huah Yong
25. 85
DC Motor Speed Control with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Method of Infrared Remote Control Base on Microcontroller ATmega16
Putu Raka Agung, Syamsul Huda, I Wyn Arta Wijaya
26. 62
Unidirectional Motion Estimation Technique With Full Search Algorithm For Frame Rate Up-Conversion Video
Widya Yuniari, Oka Widyantara, Linawati
27. 86
Microhydro Powerplant for Rural Area in Bali to Generate Green and Sustainable Electricity
I.N.S. Kumara, D.P.D. Suparyawan, W.G. Ariastina, W. Sukerayasa, I.A.D. Giriantari
28. 88
Failure  Analysis of Handover at High Speed Downlink Packet Access Network in The South of Bali
Rizki Anugrah Wibowo, NMAED Wirastuti, Linawati
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